Selected Results

Frivolous litigation:
Represented client with claims for wrongful use of civil proceedings and abuse of process against various defendants and their attorneys. Favorably settled out of court.
Personal Injury:
Represented young child injured by speeding vehicle while crossing the street. Settled for $290K.
Breach of equipment lease:
Obtained $400K settlement for small business suing large municipal corporation in connection with a terminated lease agreement.
Personal injury:
Represented young child injured in an accident in a big box store. Settled for $200K.
Fraudulent transfer of assets:
Successfully defended frivolous claims filed by large, 900-attorney law firm. Compelled the plaintiff to “voluntarily” dismiss the complaint under threat of sanctions.
Breach of contract:
Assisted local business owners suing large, multinational equipment finance company. After defeating the finance company’s motion to dismiss, obtained a settlement reflecting the client’s contractual damages.
Premises Liability:
Defended retiree in a $1 million plus lawsuit arising from grievous permanent injuries suffered by plaintiff. Case settled, with zero liability for the client.
Commercial lease dispute:
On appeal from adverse summary judgment decision by the trial court, obtained favorable summary judgment for commercial tenant. Appeal turned on the meaning of the term “involves.”
Family dispute:
Represented young adult suing parents for stealing from his trust fund. Settled, with all money returned.
UCC dispute:
Obtained $1.3 million summary judgment. Focal issue was commercial reasonableness of disposition of collateral.
Loan default:
After advising Fortune 50 lender that its commercial mortgage was unenforceable, developed alternate litigation/recovery strategy resulting in $650K+ settlement.
Equipment lease dispute:
Obtained $300K summary judgment and fee award against primary obligors and guarantor. Enforcement efforts resulted in full recovery.
Obtained $400K+ summary judgment. After debtor filed for bankruptcy, lender brought adversary proceeding for fraud and conspiracy, resulting in substantial settlement.
Employment dispute:
Represented police officer with age and disability discrimination claims. Settled, with full pension and lifetime medical benefits.
Timeshare dispute:
Assisted elderly woman hoodwinked into buying a second timeshare condo. Succeeded in getting the contract cancelled.
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